The Eti Bakir Co. Mazidagi Phosphate Plant is a chemical firm and is in the district of Mazidagi in Mardin in south eastern Turkey.

The plant was previously using analogue repeaters and radios to provide communications for workers, but they were unable to provide the secure, instant, reliable communications required to manage operations and protect employee safety. In addition, the old system was not able to provide some of the advanced functionality required such as voice recording, telephone connection and GPS location monitoring. The challenge was to improve communications for workers and provide functionality required, but not currently present (telephone interconnect, voice recording and GPS location tracking), in a challenging environment for any equipment used.

The installation and set-up of one-box system (Motorola Solutions DIMETRA Express MTS4 TETRA) was quick and easy. This system is used for: voice communication for workers and managers across more than one million square metres of the facility, full duplex telephone integration and vehicle tracking using GPS. In addition, the usage of this system allows to do group calling, individual calling and dispatch and to record voice of all calls on the network.

Motorola Solutions DIMETRA Express MTS4 TETRA system has therefore brought many benefits such as effective, clear, reliable, secure communications across the plant and choice of radio form factor for different workers. Furthermore, ATEX/IEC Ex models allow workers in potentially explosive environments to keep in touch with other workers and RMS (Remote Speaker Microphone), headsets and earpieces improve usability and performance. However, equally important are benefits such as built-in GPS allows vehicle tracking to improve safety and efficiency, centralised voice recording gives audit trail and helps staff training post-incident.

In conclusion, the new system is helping to enhance the efficient and effective operation of the plant whilst improving worker safety.