Workplace safety

Personal protection with man-down solutions - insulated man, evacuation and warning systems, sound systems, access control

Industrial safety systems


Mobilcom supplies and promotes radio tools aimed at improving the safety of workers in the plants. 

Radio, in particular digital, offers useful integrated services including: 

  • Outdoor and Indoor location services 
  • Inertial and movement sensors for automatic Man-Down notification 
  • Variable and preset text messages 
  • telemetry, IOT and automatic activation 
  • Automatic recording of radios on the network 

Warning and evacuation systems: as a system integrator with long and proven experience in the field, Mobilcom studies, develops, and maintains communication systems for emergency management to guarantee the operation of critical mission processes.  

Radio systems must guarantee the continuous flow of communication, especially in emergency situations and crisis scenarios in which rapid and timely interventions are needed. 

The recent regulations require several buildings to equip themselves with technologically advanced evacuation systems with certified quality, capable of ensuring maximum protection. These solutions include emergency sound systems - e.g. sirens and loudspeakers - and remote control systems connected to the fire detection system. 

Evacuation systems are increasingly widespread in the field of fire protection systems. Solutions that use sound and voice systems allow to guide an evacuation en masse in a safe and orderly manner, safeguarding and protecting safety in the building, avoiding general panic at the same time. In non-emergency conditions, these systems can be used to spread music or other voice messages, obviously giving priority to emergencies for evacuation and alerts.  

According to the legislation currently in force in Italy, the installation of voice evacuation systems is required in our country in the following cases: 

  • Shopping centres and shops with an area over 400 square metres
  • Class 3, 4, 5 school buildings (> 501 people)
  • Luxury buildings or buildings containing works of art, museums and historic buildings
  • Places of public entertainment 
  • Indoor sports facilities with more than 1,000 spectators 
  • Metros 
  • Public and private health facilities 
  • Newly built offices (or subject to restructuring or new establishment) with more than 100 staff 
  • Hotel facilities (not extended to shelters and open-air tourist accommodation activities such as campsites)

The design and development team is able to develop sound diffusion systems for managing interventions, security and connection to the alarm reception centre.  


Radiobox is an example of a custom solution that Mobilcom has designed for communication needs. In case of emergency, it enables the diffusion of communications within plants and areas with high explosive risk. Radiobox is adaptable to every type of environment.  

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Man-Down Devices for Isolated Workers:

The man-down device, also known as a man down alarm device, is a signalling system for all workers who work in potentially dangerous environments (workers, technicians or employees who work alone, in hostile, dangerous or simply isolated environments) or for those workers who work in confined spaces. 

Article 45 of the TU 81 of 2008 stipulates the importance of ensuring timely communication to the emergency services in the event of an accident at the workplace. For this reason, providing the isolated workers of a man-on-the-ground system falls under the employer's duties. 

Mobilcom provides man-down solutions through both radio and smartphone systems or other Mobilcom personal devices, which allow operators to work safely in daily activities and in the case of an emergency. 

Worker's equipment sends an automatic report when anomalies in the posture or behaviour of the worker are detected, transmitting the indoor/outdoor position. The operator can activate the emergency voluntarily using the appropriate button. 

The signal is sent to the other apparatuses in the field and to an operations centre which is able to alert the staff in charge and locate the injured person through specific software. Moreover, thanks to communication systems such as loudspeakers, luminous signals, telephone interfaces, etc. it is possible to send the emergency report to different interlocutors. 

 There are different types of alarms: 

  • Immobilisation alarm: the alarm is sent if the person remains still for too long
  • Tilt alarm: the alarm is sent if the inclination of a person's torso exceeds a certain degree (preset)
  • Voluntary alarm: the alarm is sent following a voluntary pressing of a key on the device
  • Isolated man: if the device is not silenced periodically, it sends an alarm signal


The company has been involved in setting up and maintaining the most important radio networks and infrastructures in the oil, energy, automotive and industrial sectors.



Mobilcom designs, supplies and maintains high-tech communication systems and solutions in petrochemical plants and refineries.  

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The company offers superior communication systems and tactical solutions for the defence sector, military bodies and institutions.

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Mobilcom develops high-tech solutions to improve workforce productivity and operational

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