Telecommunication solutions for businesses: productivity and security

Telecommunication solutions for businesses: all the advantages for business realities and for increasing workers' safety


Improvements in workforce productivity, which has resulted in increased operational efficiency, require high-tech communication systems. The new telecommunications solutions for businesses offer users a professional series of exclusive tools for security, personal protection, and communication in general. High-quality voice communication and advanced features with great added value are guaranteed. 

Mass communication within a group, availability and location of mobile resources are all crucial factors that make possible to optimise production, processes and prevent potential risks. Adopting telecommunication solutions for high-tech companies enhance direct and immediate channels' availability to staff and resources inside and outside the structure.  

The radio systems designed and supplied by Mobilcom allow the workforce to share a large volume of communications and strategic information. Searching for a person or communicating with one or more groups of people becomes easy and immediate, reducing time and costs. Interaction via automated systems and interconnection of productive activities increases the company profitability. 

Mobilcom believes in long-term strategic relationships with its customers and takes responsibility for providing quality and long-lasting professional solutions. The company develops personalised systems based on customer needs by proposing innovative and efficient solutions. The experience gained in the field in thirty years of activity, combined with constant training, allows the Company to stay updated, giving customers the maximum satisfaction and serenity. This allows the Company to be a solid partner of noteworthy Italian industrial companies. 

Mobilcom develops industrial sound diffusion systems both wired and radio, also in the case of personal safety. Several industrial plants are equipped with diffusion totems or Radiobox® for emergency communication designed and installed by Mobilcom. 

Always attentive to security issues, Mobilcom offers its customers a wide range of solutions aimed at workers' protection and safety. According to Mobilcom, radio represents fundamental PPE. 


Mobilcom offers its customers efficient systems, which are designed to the smallest detail, customised, installed and tested.



The Company is specialized in the tuning of Radio Networks. Key activities involve suppling and maintenaning radio equipment and installations.

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The goal: increasing staff safety levels. PPE, sound diffusion and evacuation systems by sirens and loudspeakers are indispensable for workers' safety.

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Mobilcom creates and supervises video control systems and video analysis' solutions, always providing corporate security excellence even in its critical sites.

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Technical specialisation and knowledge of military and defence fields enable Mobilcom to create custom solutions and specialised training courses.

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