Tactical and customised solutions

Systems and services for the defence sector

Tactical and custom telecommunication systems


In Mobilcom's laboratories, the Company's team designs and develops tactical and custom telecommunication systems that are used in the defence sectors, military bodies and institutions. These solutions are characterised by high-tech specialisation. They are the result of Mobilcom's long history and experience in designing communication solutions even in contexts of emergency and various types of criticality.  

The Company supports its customers in every phase of the life cycle of tactical and custom telecommunication systems: from the definition of the requirements to the definition of the architectures, to the choice of technologies, to the development, validation, installation and commissioning of the systems. Starting from the customer's system requirements, Mobilcom's experts manage the life cycle for the realisation of IT products and solutions by providing turnkey solutions of systems in their entirety or parts of them. 

For the defence sector and the professional market, Mobilcom develops tactical communication systems that include voice and data, using advanced techniques, software architectures. 

The range of products includes portable, vehicular and mobile configurations, to intercept and satisfy the different situations and needs in the military and defence institutions.  

Mobilcom also organises specialised courses aimed at training staff in the field and support ones. The courses are defined and developed ad hoc for better adherence to the training requirements of the reference sector.  


The company has been involved in setting up and maintaining the most important radio networks and infrastructures in the oil, energy, automotive and industrial sectors.



Mobilcom designs, supplies and maintains high-tech communication systems and solutions in petrochemical plants and refineries.

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The company offers superior communication systems and tactical solutions for the defence sector, military bodies and institutions.

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Mobilcom develops high-tech solutions to improve workforce productivity and operational

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