Radio Networks

High-tech radio communications

Fast, efficient and always available radio communications


Mobilcom offers modern digital radio DMR and TETRA systems for security services, civil protection, health emergency, Oil & Gas, transport, and all those industrial entities that need rapid, efficient and always available radio communications, especially in the case of emergency and critical mission events.  

The Mobilcom engineering team develops a complete design study for radio systems for its customers. It proposes efficient and effective high-tech solutions. Mobilcom's staff follows every phase of radio-communications, from preparation to testing of networks in the laboratory, from installation to assembly, up to the activation and final testing. The technical team also takes care of the maintenance of the radio equipment and the requirements for the certification of radio coverage.  

Mobilcom also proposes a vast assortment of systems and solutions according to customer needs and  the type of plant (refineries, chemical plants, security, factories, ports, etc.). The wide range of products offered ranges from portable devices, vehicles and fixed stations in the conventional version or ATEX, aeronautical and marine band radio equipment, telemetry, IOT, and remote control devices.

Mobilcom creates analogue and digital PMR, DMR and TETRA multi-access radio networks for professional users. It creates TETRA digital radio systems for industrial and public safety sectors. Conventional and multi-access analogue radio systems in the VHF and UHF bands are also maintained and integrated for the coverage of local areas, small industrial plants, depots and surveillance activities. 

Moreover, Mobilcom offers emission simulation services, trafficking studies and coverage simulation with the help of powerful certified software applications. 


The company has been involved in setting up and maintaining the most important radio networks and infrastructures in the oil, energy, automotive and industrial sectors.



Mobilcom designs, supplies and maintains high-tech communication systems and solutions in petrochemical plants and refineries.

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The company offers superior communication systems and tactical solutions for the defence sector, military bodies and institutions.

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Mobilcom develops high-tech solutions to improve workforce productivity and operational

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